Crowdfunding for Eindhoven University of Technology

Each day at Eindhoven University of Technology we work on the future of our society. In our research laboratories, in our lecture rooms and with student teams. Support our projects and help create the technological solutions for the world of tomorrow. This platform gives you the opportunity to choose the project you wish to give a donation. Every little bit counts.

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We are student association SSRE, an association consisting mostly of students from the TU/e and Fontys. After last year’s success, we decided together with team IGNITE that we wanted to put the students of Eindhoven on the map. Eindhoven is known as the city of light and technology. The first things that pop up when one thinks about Eindhoven are the High Tech Campus and its companies, lightbulbs, radios etc. What everyone tends to forget is the huge network of students and alumni that are behind those companies and developments. We as SSRE and team IGNITE want to be the voice of the students of Eindhoven. Show that we are here. Show that we are with many. Show that we are Eindhoven. We manage this by placing beating hearts on the facades of student houses all over Eindhoven.   We have already reached the hearts of several people; we collaborate with team IGNITE, assembled a team of 12 enthusiastic students, our vision of putting the students in the spotlight is set, and there is an amazing light exposition in the making. We are almost at the finish line. However, the only thing that is missing are the very last resources that will make our student hearts beat faster.   GLOW 2022, which will take place from November 12th till November 19th, will be a huge milestone for putting the students of Eindhoven on the map. During GLOW we want to show the whole community that we, future employees, future colleagues, future engineers are here, and are with many! However, Glow 2022 is not that far away. Currently, our committee misses the very last resources, causing challenges within logistics. It also makes us dependent on sponsors which lowers the pace of our grow. That is why we started this crowdfunding; we ask you to support us in the way of a donation and help us towards that needed 2000 euros.
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Help raise funds for one of the projects on this site. Become an ambassador for a project or start a fundraiser campaign. By yourself or with a team, your colleagues or your club, for example. Have a look at some of the inspirational fundraisunbg pages that others have started, below.

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Closing crowdfunding on the 1st of April

26-03-2021 | 11:22 Posted on: InMotion, Charging Ahead  The car presentation is coming closer. On the 17th of May, we are going to show the world our new endurance racer! This week is the only possibility to get your name on the car, see it shine during the presentation, and how it flies over the circuit with astonishing speeds. So be quick and get your name on the car before the 1st of April!
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07-12-2022 | 19:48