InMotion, Charging Ahead

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Fast-charging of a car-battery is too slow. This is one of the main barriers towards full electric mobility. Student-team InMotion is solving this problem by developing our own fast-charge technology.

"InMotion's ultimate goal is to charge an electric car just as fast as a petrol car is refueled."

The circumstances in the racing world are extreme and this challenges our student-team to maximum innovation. That is why at InMotion the first electric endurance race-car is build to compete in 2023 at the 24h of Le Mans. The perfect race to show our innovation to the world. On the short term some amazing milestones are already coming.

This year InMotion's goal is to deliver our own LMP-car (Le Mans Prototype) and drive our first test laps on the racing circuit.

Together with our partners we are working hard towards the realisation of these goals. You too can contribute to the future of the energy transition!

For €100,- you can help us to be able to demonstrate this innovation on the circuit. Of course you will receive an amazing thank you gift from our side. Your name will be immortalized on our record-breaking innovation!

Will you be 1 of the 100 with a spot on the car?


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Jan Lammers, official InMotion ambassador!

16-06-2020 | 16:04   We are proud to announce that Jan Lammers is an official ambassador of InMotion! The former F1 driver has a short message for you guys. His passion for racing and innovative cars led him to become our newest ambassador. Become a Friend of InMotion like Jan Lammers and get your name on our car!
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