Crowdfunding for Eindhoven University of Technology

Each day at Eindhoven University of Technology we work on the future of our society. In our research laboratories, in our lecture rooms and with student teams. Support our projects and help create the technological solutions for the world of tomorrow. This platform gives you the opportunity to choose the project you wish to give a donation. Every little bit counts.

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As you might know, we are the second generation of VIRTUe and we are participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe in June 2022! Our team has a strong affinity toward urban design and realistic social solutions, which makes the SDE21, set in urban Wuppertal, Germany, a perfect ground for us.  Our Ripple Demonstration Unit (RDU) is a part of the larger design for Wuppertal and consists of two apartments with shared facilities, a roof garden and shared spaces to emulate the larger urban plan. This habitable unit represents all parts of the design. VIRTUe’s two years of work will be embodied in this RDU, which will be constructed by us.   Let us know which component you find most interesting and where you want your donated money to go in to. See the VIRTUe website for more information about the components.
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Help raise funds for one of the projects on this site. Become an ambassador for a project or start a fundraiser campaign. By yourself or with a team, your colleagues or your club, for example. Have a look at some of the inspirational fundraisunbg pages that others have started, below.

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Closing crowdfunding on the 1st of April

26-03-2021 | 11:22 Posted on: InMotion, Charging Ahead  The car presentation is coming closer. On the 17th of May, we are going to show the world our new endurance racer! This week is the only possibility to get your name on the car, see it shine during the presentation, and how it flies over the circuit with astonishing speeds. So be quick and get your name on the car before the 1st of April!
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17-11-2021 | 09:46 To: Luca, Embrace waste Mooi initiatief!