VIRTUe - House of the Future

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As you might know, we are the second generation of VIRTUe and we are participating in the Solar Decathlon Europe in June 2022! Our team has a strong affinity toward urban design and realistic social solutions, which makes the SDE21, set in urban Wuppertal, Germany, a perfect ground for us. 

Our Ripple Demonstration Unit (RDU) is a part of the larger design for Wuppertal and consists of two apartments with shared facilities, a roof garden and shared spaces to emulate the larger urban plan. This habitable unit represents all parts of the design. VIRTUe’s two years of work will be embodied in this RDUwhich will be constructed by us.  

Let us know which component you find most interesting and where you want your donated money to go in to. See the VIRTUe website for more information about the components.

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