Official Unveiling

18-05-2017 | 10:05

On Wednesday the 17th of May the moment was finally there: the unveiling of Lina. During the Dutch Technology Week 2017, which was organized in Eindhoven, we planned our event. At 14:00 the crowd came into the Klokgebouw and at 14:10 we started our presentation. After our presentation and a short speech from the vice-president of the Eindhoven University of Technology, Jo van Ham, it was time to unveil the car. The enthusiasm for the car was unbelievable. The whole team gathered onto stage for a photo after which Lina drove from the stage to the reception hall. Media and guest could take a closer look at our final product: Lina. From the 22st to the 30th we will be in London for the Shell Eco-marathon. Follow us here!