VIRTUe shines on the Dutch Technology Week

11-06-2018 | 11:56

 The apartment, LINQ, was not finished in detail, anyway. That did not spoil the fun. We looked forwards to it for weeks, the Dutch Technology Week. It was a week with many highlights that started on Monday. On the first day LINQ was festively opened in the presence of all sponsors and partners. Also, VIRTUe did not go unnoticed in the national media, De Volkskrant, RTL and among others, came along to make some nice movies and photos. Furthermore, there was a sustainable cooking course and an escaperoom in LINQ. On Friday, all students groups of the TU/e came together to show everyone’s technical know-how. On the last day LINQ was exhibited to all the family members and friends of VIRTUe. In closing, the VIRTUe song was happily song while enjoying a bit and a drink.

It was a beautiful week in which  VIRTUe, after years of struggling and sweating, has shown the Netherlands the possibilities to live on a social and sustainable ways.

We are now getting busy again to realize LINQ in Dubai and show the world our ideas.